What Sets Arise Ministries Apart as an Organization of Excellence?

Teamwork - If you ask any of the over 100 volunteers what they like most about the ministry, they would say, “We all take ownership in Arise.  It belongs to us all.”  Unity is the fuel that allows common women to obtain uncommon results.   

Passion – It’s a hard word to describe; yet, one knows when they’ve been touched by its power.  In Arise, there’s a sense of expectation as to what God’s going to do and a hearty celebration of His glory when He accomplishes His work.  Passion remains the secret of success.

Biblical Teaching - Accurately discerning God’s Word serves as the catalyst for extraordinary results.  Pam and Shelley have been in women’s ministry over 25 years, applying both the values and principles of Scripture.  The vigor of a ministry thrives in exact proportion to the priority one places on accurately interpreting biblical truth.


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